Champion Mindset

“After 30 plus years of friendship and our time as 1984 Olympians, Scott Gregory is someone I thought I knew. After reading his story, I was amazed and moved by the sheer will, courage, determination, and heart he shares in the pages of this book. You will be inspired!”
 —Scott Hamilton. 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist

“Champion Mindset gives a unique insight into the life and mind of an Olympian.
The story demonstrates the level of commitment and resilience necessary to overcome
adversity and compete on the world stage.”
—Brian Boitano, 1988 Olympic gold medalist

Champion Mindset is a classic sports tale with trials, tribulations, and an unbreakable
heart. Scott Gregory takes readers where they seldom get to go: the very pinnacle of internationalsports where the competition is ferocious and the stakes are very nearly mortal.”
—Tim Green, Former NFL player for the Atlanta Falcons and New York Times bestselling author

 “I like the family, spiritual component throughout. Just when you think it’s over for Scott Gregory, he finds a way to rally and reach new goals. The kid who grew up skating on a frozen lake in upstate New York took me on an inspiring journey all the way to the Olympics.”
—Peter Carruthers, 1984 Olympic silver medalist

“Scott Gregory has written an inspiring, honest, and insightful account of his journey to the highest heights of athletic achievement. From his earliest days skating on a windy lake in upstate New York where he used his jacket as a sail, Scott describes a lifetime love for a sport that also dealt him some serious heartbreak. His will to persevere serves as an example to athletes young and old to never give up on your dreams, providing great perspective to anyone who thinks they have reached a dead-end. Scott learned how to implement values instilled in him from parents and coaches—positive attitude, hard work, focus, and faith—ultimately overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and injuries to become a U.S. National Champion and two-time Olympian.”
—Paul Wylie, 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist, Men’s Figure Skating

“Great book–a must for young competitors climbing that ladder to success. For me, extremely nostalgic journey of the past. Scott had and still has a great passion for ice skating. That’s why he’s one of the greats.”
—Ron Ludington, World & Olympic Coach, World Figure Skating Hall of Fame 1999

“Even after a 50 year involvement of all areas of skating, I was refreshed and inspired by reading about Scott’s journey to his Olympic dream. While many dream about it, very few have the tenacity, courage and passion to sacrifice so much, to endure through the painful experiences and hardships along the way. Scott shares about the price Olympic athletes pay, but also about the victories and sweet rewards. As you read, you’ll not only cheer for Scott but have a better understanding of anyone striving to reach their dream. For an athlete with a dream, for a parent or coach, this book is an inspiration . . . a must! I give this book a 10!”
—JoJo Starbuck/Gertler, Two-time Olympian, World Bronze Medalist and US Figure Skating Hall of Famer

“This book is very inspirational for any athlete, not just figure skaters. In fact, the story of struggle and determination is relevant to all realms of life. Anybody who has tried their best and been sabotaged by circumstances beyond their control would benefit from reading Champion Mindset.”
Karen Cover, World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame Archivist

“Throughout history we see man’s natural ability to persevere through hardships and adversity to survive and to achieve the improbable. This book not only captures the mindset of a champion skater and his tenacious attitude through many intense years of training but speaks of how necessary faith, family, and friendships were to reaching his lifelong goals. As a parent of a young skater, I found Champion Mindset to be a superb example of the courage, perseverance, and passion that serious athletes must have to reach their goals. I read this book with my daughter, and we both found it difficult to put down. Written in a very encouraging and uplifting way, these pages provide an ideal touchstone for any athlete determined to begin a journey to achieve.”
—Heidi Morris, Parent of a young athlete